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Tingxuelou series Full-time Job

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"I just want to know how long the contract between us will last-" the woman in scarlet clothes named Ajing answered coldly, without any taboo, "I've been here for too long.. Xiao Yiqing, if you die, I can leave. Such words are too much. Qingming couldn't help but turn around and scold the woman, but thinking that he was an outsider, he finally put up with it and went his own way as usual, but listening to Xiao Lou's slight cough behind him, he answered: "If.." If you can't wait, ahem, you might as well kill me yourself-and then take all I have. Said such words, the tone unexpectedly does not have the half minute joke meaning. Green Ming's heart suddenly a tight, heard behind a cough, can not help but slow down the pace, hesitated. Between this hesitation, the back has sounded the exclamation of subordinates: "Landlord, you-" Qingming suddenly stood still, turned around, and saw Xiao Gongzi in white holding Zhu Lan of the waterside pavilion coughing, his shoulders twitching sharply, and his body tottering, but the woman in scarlet clothes just looked at him coldly and did not move. In the heart of the doctor's parents, she finally couldn't help but walk back. Oh No, it doesn't matter. "Miss Xue can go back by herself. Forgive me. I can't send you far away." While coughing, Xiao answered intermittently, but when his hand was put down from his mouth, his fingers were full of dark red blood! "It's windy outside. Please go back to your room first, and I'll feel your pulse carefully." Qingming said lightly, while mercilessly looking at the indifferent woman in scarlet clothes next to her. Is the malignant tumor in Childe's blood brought from the womb? Look at the pale and slender hand stretched out and put it on the medicine pillow. Qingming gently put his fingertips on it and asked while examining it. Pretty good. Since childhood, the doctors have said that I will not live to be twenty years old. Xiao Yiqing also looked open, a faint smile, "but you see,cattle weight tape, I did not live well to 26?" Looking at the pale and handsome face of the landlord, Qingming was slightly stunned, knowing that although he said casually, in order to prolong the life of these years, the man in front of him did not know what kind of suffering he had suffered. So he sighed to himself, spread out his hand carefully, and felt his pulse. "Doctor Mo also said that there was no law to cure this disease." Looking at her frowning brows, Xiao Yiqing smiled, "I'm sorry to let the young lady come to see this kind of incurable disease that can only be cured by immortals. It's no disgrace to the name of Xue's miraculous doctor." Qing Ming also smiled, put away the medicine pillow, and looked at the other's complexion carefully. Then she said, "Xue's women don't go out to practice medicine.." "How I manage has nothing to do with the reputation of the Xue family." As he spoke, he asked some questions about his daily life and diet, as well as the pills he used on weekdays. He nodded and sighed, "Childe is a person who has always been too attentive." Flipping through the prescription, I suddenly saw that there was "Tian Feng Yu Lu Dan" in it. I couldn't help but feel a slight palpitation. I said softly, Walking tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, "The name of Doctor Mo is really true. Although he is hidden in the wilderness, his medical skills are no less than those of the imperial physician. With such a constitution, he can persist in managing the affairs of the building for many years. Does most of it depend on Doctor Mo's treatment?" Xiao Yiqing nodded his head and said with a sigh, "Recently, even Doctor Mo has said that the disease is incurable.". Only teach me to recuperate with inner breath and luck. I'm afraid the potency of the elixir can't reach the internal organs. "Then I'll write a prescription first and try it for half a month. Originally, there was a kind of'dragon tongue 'in the medicine, which was the most harmful to the childe's illness. Unfortunately, he was born on the cliff of Junshan Mountain in Dongting and has not been seen in the world for fifty years. I'm afraid it's extinct." It's a pity. Qingming is also not polite, straight, while writing the prescription, while sighing, "Forgive me for speaking frankly, the most important thing at the moment is to work less, Childe such a body, can save life is the best." "How does this work?" There is such a large family business power that people can't be idle for a moment. Suddenly, Xiao Yiqing on the opposite side smiled slightly, "What's the difference between me doing nothing and dying now?"? You see, I've only been idle for half a day, and I've accumulated so much. As he laughed, he opened the pile of papers and letters beside him again, and could not help picking up the red pen again. "Childe doesn't care about his own life, so why should I say it again?" Qingming also changed his face, pulled the book in his hand and threw it aside. She didn't know the rules of Jianghu, and she didn't know that no one in the martial arts world could imagine that someone would dare to do such a thing to listen to the snow. She only knew that the book in her hand had not yet been thrown out, her cheeks were cold, and two sharp swords were sticking to her neck. It's all right, you stand down. Xiao Louzhu's face on the opposite side was still light, facing the two black-clad people who did not know where to flash behind her. Between the palpitations of Qingming, he suddenly felt that the cold was fading away in an instant, but he did not react for a moment. The rudeness of his subordinates frightened Miss Xue. It was a woman's voice that spoke. Qingming turned her head and saw a woman dressed in scarlet clothes coming leisurely from the porch. The woman, who was called "Miss Jing," came in. She greeted herself with a faint look on her face. Then she went over and picked up a pile of documents and newspapers on her desk. She said coldly to Xiao Yiqing, "You haven't let me touch the affairs of the building these days. I think you're suspicious of me?" As he spoke, he picked up the document and went out. Sorry, it's all the habits of Jianghu that frighten the girl. See a Jing left, Xiao Yiqing was half a day to come to his senses, originally in the face of life and death is also calm in the eyes, for a time also inexplicably dark down. After more than a month in the building, Qingming gradually became familiar with several people who often appeared in the building: Gao Mengfei, the owner of the second floor, who looked elegant but scheming, and Nanchu, the owner of the third floor, who usually handled the affairs of the building. There are also some people, such as Shi Yu, the swordsman who pointed his sword at his neck that day, and Xie Bingyu, who was only sixteen years old, who was said to be the daughter of Shangshu. Those Jianghu sects are so complicated. Jing, the woman in scarlet clothes, was also the Lord of the building, but she did not see what she was busy with on weekdays. But Xiao Yiqing always seems to have a bit of tolerance for her,Fiberglass tape measure, even if he usually looks at her eyes, there seems to be a very heavy mind in it. Qingming often thought that if Mr. Xiao's illness got worse, at least most of him would be tired by this woman. tapemeasure.net

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His fingers clenched her hand, and his breathing began to become rapid. It was not until the pain in her hands came that Lu Xiaoxu suddenly woke up and turned to look at Jun Jingchen in surprise, and her face was full of tears, and big tears on her eyelashes, rolling down with the tremor of her eyelashes. What happened to you She asked, turning her head, her voice full of a nasal sound because she had been crying. Why are you crying? He raised his hand and stroked her cheek. Where his fingers touched, she was full of tears. The more he touched, the more pain he felt. Lu Xiaoxu instinctively touched his face, only to find that he had just cried, "I just listened to this song, and felt something for a while." She replied. On the stage, Hua Yuze's singing was reaching the high pitch, and her answer was almost drowned by the singing. Feel it? He gazed steadily at her, then suddenly leaned over and put his lips to her ear, which made her hear his voice more clearly. "Then why laugh?" "Laugh?" She hesitated. Don't you know? His fingers stroked her lips and rubbed them gently. "Just now, your eyes were crying, but your lips were laughing." In the end, what kind of feelings does she have for that man, so that she can laugh and cry like this? On the stage, Hua Yuze finished singing and said to the audience,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, "Thank you for your support. I'm very happy to be here as a guest today.." Hua Yuze said a few words, seeing that he was about to leave the stage, Lu Xiaoxu instinctively wanted to turn his head and look at the stage. However, she turned her head a little, and his hand suddenly clasped the back of her head and forced her face to him. "Don't look at that man again. I don't care what you have to do with him. Don't look at him again!" Lu Xiaoxu palpitated, only to feel that his fingers clasping the back of her head were so powerful, and now his face, in the dim light,brushed stainless steel sheet, had a large shadow, looked so serious. I She snapped, and for a moment, she felt her mind was blank, and she didn't know what to say at the moment, "Between me and him.." Hua Yuze walked off the stage, and the lights on the stage turned black in an instant. Lu Xiaoxu's eyes suddenly fell into darkness, and something warm pressed on her lips, which was his lips. Startled, she was about to raise her hands, and the next moment, her hands had been cut behind her by him, forcing her chest to be raised even more against his chest. And his lips tossed and sucked her lips, swallowing all her voices. Volume 1 [343] don't even think about it! Lu Xiaoxu's whole person is confused, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, Leng Leng ground is bearing this kiss. It was dark all around, she could not see his face clearly, nor could she make any sound, all she could feel was each other's breathing, his lips and tongue, his hands. The body seemed to be completely exhausted, and the ears were full of whispers from other spectators sitting nearby. His kiss was so eager and so hot, but his hand pulled her wrist so tightly that her shoulder was getting more and more painful. The hands are cut backwards like this, which will make people feel more powerless. Just as she was frowning from the pain in her shoulder, the lights on the stage came on again. The gorgeous music sounded happily, his lips moved away from her, loosened her wrist, put his arms around her shoulder, and pressed her into his arms. "Don't cry for other men, and don't laugh for other men, Xiao Xu, I said, I'm not a generous person." Especially for her! His monopolistic desire for her was sometimes frightening even to himself. The concert continued, but Lu Xiaoxu's mind was not at the concert at all. Her mind is confused, thinking of Hua Yuze, but also thinking of Jun Jinchen this strange move has been what he said. Although his words show how much he cares about her, but. But Hua Yuze, he is. He is.. Lu Xiaoxu's hands, can not help but tightly pull into the shape of a fist, until the nails prick their palms. It was not until the end of the concert that the audience began to leave one after another that she suddenly came to her senses and looked blankly at Jun Jingchen beside her. Under the lamplight, her eyes were still red, and there were obvious traces of crying on her face, just like a small animal who was ignorant and made people pity her. Jun Jinchen sighed, took out a handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped Lu Xiaoxu's face. His movements were careful and gentle, as if he were taking care of a very important treasure. Even if she had just laughed and cried at another man, even if she had made his heart ache to death, as long as her eyes looked at him like this, he could not help but want to spoil her, rather deceive himself and others, as if what had just happened did not exist at all. After wiping her face, he gently smoothed her clothes and put his finger gently on her shoulder. "Did it hurt you just now?" Lu Xiaoxu shook his head. Then let's go. Jun Jinchen put away his handkerchief and stood up. Wait Lu Xiaoxu then got up, both hands suddenly grabbed Jun Jinchen's hand, with a pleading tone, "can you go backstage, can you help me into the backstage?"? I I want to find someone. There was a chill in his eyes. "Who are you looking for?" "Hua Yuze." When these three words came out of her mouth, his face suddenly changed, and the haze in his eyes gradually deepened. She had never liked to make use of his position, and when they got along, he could see that she had always tried to associate with him as an ordinary person. But now, she is clearly asking him to use his identity, take her into the backstage to see the man! The hand on her shoulder jerked away,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and his fingers pinched the bone of her shoulder. "Don't even think about it!" "Huh?" She frowned, and before she could react, his hand had suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the field. sxthsteel.com