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The Super God of War of Online Games Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 03:00   Independent & Freelance   Masku   86 views Reference: 9
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"Please give this letter to your village head." "Wait." The right guard grabbed the letter, looked at the letter shell without a word on the surface, and turned to Qin Wudao and ran into the manor. My Lord, please go in alone, and your companion will be protected by us for the time being! Soon, the right guard trotted back, with an expressionless face to Qin Wudao. After thanking the two guards, Qin Wu walked into the village chief's manor in the Flame Canyon. The layout of the houses here seems to be similar to that of Xunsheng Manor, and the layman can't see any difference, but Qin Wu, who has lived in Qin for more than 20 years, can easily see the great difference. In ancient times, there was the idiom "the love between Qin and Jin", which shows that the relationship between Qin and Jin was very harmonious in a certain period of time. The harmonious relations between the two countries are built on the basis of amity. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Duke Mu of Qin was the brother-in-law of Duke Hui of Jin. It's just that this brother-in-law is too treacherous to hit his brother-in-law everywhere. The state of Jin suffered a disaster, and the state of Qin supported a large amount of grain. The state of Qin suffered a disaster, but Duke Hui of Jin did not give a penny. He watched the people of the state of Qin starve to death. As a result, the whole state of Qin was filled with righteous indignation, and with the moral card in hand, Duke Mu of Qin chose to fight against the state of Jin. Don't think that the state of Qin bullied the state of Jin. You know, the state of Qin at that time was not a hegemonic country as it was later. On the contrary, the state of Jin at that time was a well-deserved tyrant, with vast territory and powerful strength. From the three divisions of Jin, three vassal States were separated. Zhao was the strongest vassal state among the Seven Warring States except Qin. Jin's strength is very strong,metal stamping parts, the two countries war, the Jin army soldiers are twice the Qin army, and the quality of the soldiers on both sides is not much difference. The beginning is difficult, the process is tortuous, but the final result is that good prevails over evil. (Still short of 6 tickets, ask for a monthly ticket, be sure to catch up!!!) [] Chapter 148 Baili Sacrifice/Chapter 149 Shadow Thief Chapter 150 framing/Chapter 151 counterplot. Chapter 152 Accepting Apprentices ~ Chapter 154 Training Method (Outbreak the Fourth Watch! Ask for a monthly ticket!) Chapter 155 break through the limit (outbreak of the fifth watch!) One minute later, when Qin Wu loosened her, Wang Shiyin,car radiator cap, who came to her senses, was surprised to find that her tired spirit had completely recovered in just one minute. The body that had just been drained of its strength, as if it had been injected by other rivers, also recovered, full of a force that she could clearly feel. Continue After inspiring the potential hidden in Wang Shiyin's body with a secret method, he hit her heavily with a clothes pole, and Qin Wu said with a cold face. Yes, master! A few massages restored her spirit and physical strength, as if she had had a good sleep. Wang Shiyin felt very magical, and realized more about Qin Wu's power. She immediately continued the action she had just stopped, and did it more with God. This time Wang Shiyin persisted longer than last time. After 25 minutes, she fell down again. Qin Wu held her on the floor and began to massage Wang Shiyin again. Holding up Wang Shiyin's small and exquisite feet, Qin Wu, like a stone man, did not squint, reached out and pressed it vigorously. As if knowing that Qin Wu would not raise his head, Wang Shiyin cried out loudly because of the numbness and pain of the nerves in her feet, non standard fasteners ,Stainless steel foundry, her eyes, which were as soft as the stars, but brilliant and beautiful, were placed straight on Qin Wu. Tall body half crouched on the ground, streamlined strong muscles full of explosive force, but Qin Wu's face is long with handsome facial features, people feel cordial, the outline is as sharp as a knife, and people feel safe and reliable. Qin Wu looked focused on her massage, dedicated man is the most attractive time, Wang Shiyin looked at him, eyes can not help but blurred, just a few minutes of all the pain, all of a sudden in her heart like clouds and smoke dissipated, but also temporarily forgot the numbness and pain of the foot acupoint was pinched vigorously, the voice gradually lowered. The second time in a short time, not as good as the first time. Wang Shiyin's voice gradually lowered, but Qin Wu thought so in his heart, and then increased the strength of his hands. The effect is light, then make up for it with force! "Ah-!" Blurred eyes instantly recovered, Wang Shiyin's relaxed body stiffened, as if a cat had been stepped on its tail, a long cry, Qin Wu a heavy press on her feet, Wang Shiyin's cry was one after another, without a second to stop. Continue After pressing her feet, she massaged her head for a while, pinched a minute, pulled Wang Shiyin up from the ground, and Qin Wu picked up the clothes pole and began to urge Wang Shiyin to practice. It seems that the physical strength has been overdrawn, this time only supported more than 10 minutes, Wang Shiyin fell down. I know you are very tired, but you must finish what you start. You can't give up halfway, and you can't fall in front of the finish line. The same is true of practicing martial arts. The third time to help Wang Shiyin sit on the ground, Qin Wu's hands are still hard, but the voice is like a glacier melting, the earth returns to spring to Wang Shiyin, earnestly teaching, revealing the teacher's demeanor. I will not give up halfway, and I will stick to it. His whole body was sore, and his back seemed to be broken by Qin Wu's tendons and bones, such as burning and rubbing. Wang Shiyin did not cry out in pain and clenched her teeth. Hold on a little longer, and it will be finished soon. After finishing the massage, Wang Shiyin will be helped up, although there is still a relatively long period of time, but Qin Wu is so. The first massage restored Wang Shiyin's full physical strength, even stimulated her potential, and adjusted her state to the best. Even if the second massage increased her strength, it only restored 60% of her energy. The third time, the effect was even lower, only restoring less than 30% of Wang Shiyin's energy. The fourth time is estimated to have no effect, Qin Wu is not ready to drag to the fourth massage. In the last ten minutes of the movement, Qin Wu no longer held the clothes pole aside,Magnetic Drain Plug, but stood beside Wang Shiyin. When the movement was not right, he helped her correct it with his hand. When she was exhausted and was about to fall, he straightened her body. autoparts-dx.com

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