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Supermarket of the underworld Full-time Job

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Yes, it was a Biao, one of the previous four people, but at this time a Biao's face was pale, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, there was a faint fierce awn in his eyes, and there was a dark fog all over his body. It's obvious that a Biao is not right at this time, very wrong. A Biao. I shouted at a Biao. As soon as I opened my mouth, suddenly, a Biao grew up and bit me on the shoulder. When I opened my mouth, I saw clearly that the two teeth in his mouth were four or five centimeters long. Died See this situation, I have no doubt in my heart, a Biao has died, not only died, he also turned into a corpse. A Biao attack is in front of me, I fly a foot, kick on a Biao's chin, immediately a Biao body like a broken kite flew out. But as soon as he landed on the ground, he stood up and rushed at me as if nothing had happened. Two steps ran in front of me, and a fist hit my neck again. I took out the keel. When his fist reached my neck five centimeters, the keel smashed down. The keel hit the center of his arm. With a click, a Biao's arm was directly broken by me. He was dead by now and felt no pain at all. Even though his arm was broken,Inflatable meltdown, the lion still bit me on the neck with all his strength. Directly put the keel into his mouth, immediately the energy in the keel dispelled all the corpse gas on his body, and there were sparks in his mouth, and the two sharp teeth in contact with the keel were directly shaken off. Heaven and earth Xuanzong, the root of all things. Guangxiu billion plunder, prove my magical power. Inside and outside the three realms, only the Tao is respected. The body has golden light, which reflects my body, exorcises demons and destroys spirits,inflatable amusement park, and gives me shock. With a loud shout, the Golden Light Curse came out, and the majestic force bombarded a Biao's body. The black gas on a Biao's body suddenly dropped sharply, and his body flew out upside down, hitting the ground heavily. At this time, yuan Feng caught up with him and saw a Biao on the ground. He frowned: "He was made into a zombie by someone, and he was directly made into the highest level of flying stiff. This man had sinister intentions and even used a living person to make a corpse." It's the breeze! Hearing what yuan Feng said, I thought of Qingfeng for the first time. Apart from him, no one else in Changbai Mountain could refine zombies. But a Biao was brought in by himself. He actually made a living person into a zombie with such a ruthless hand. This bastard. With a curse in my mouth, Qingfeng is no longer a bastard in my heart. He is simply a devil who can do such things as refining corpses with living people. At this time, not only for me, but also for those who died in his hands, I will kill him. At the beginning, six people entered Changbai Mountain together. Now three of them have died one after another. I'm afraid the remaining one will not end well. I basically understand that Qingfeng led them into Changbai Mountain, probably in order to let him die. A Biao four people, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable bounce house with slide, like me, were lured into Changbai Mountain by the breeze, and eventually all died in Changbai Mountain. As early as the moment they followed the breeze in, their fate had already been decided. I must kill him. I clenched my fist and said coldly. At this time, a Biao on the ground climbed up again. Although he had been wounded by me before, he seemed to be all right at this time. His face was extremely ferocious, and he ran quickly to attack me. I looked at the keel in my hand and was about to make a move, but yuan Feng grabbed me and handed me a dagger: "With this, whether it is a ghost or a zombie, there will be no pain." His dagger is very delicate, there are several spells carved on it, holding in the hands of the heavy, there is a kind of holy feeling, I nodded, in a Biao rushed over at the same time, a knife cut in his neck, the dagger into his neck at the same time, I saw a very strange light from his neck, as long as a gentle knife, a Biao's head actually fell from the neck, I was stunned for a moment. I didn't expect the dagger to be so sharp. A Biao, whose head had been cut off on the ground, was still moving. I took out an amulet and burned a Biao's body alive. After a while, a Biao's whole body was burned to ashes. Recite the curse of death again, now only hope that the breeze will only refine the body of a Biao into a zombie, and let go of his soul, if the soul is also controlled in the hands of the breeze, then I'm afraid a Biao really will die without a whole body. However this kind of possibility is also very big, since the breeze disposition is so sinister, how possibly can let off a Biao. Seeing a Biao's body reduced to ashes, I stared ahead and said in a deep voice, "The breeze is right ahead, isn't it?" yuan Feng nodded: "It's not easy to refine such a zombie. He should have delayed a little time. And the explosion just proved that he was in trouble. He must be in front of him. The distance will not be too far." I nodded, returned the dagger to yuan Feng, and walked straight ahead. The more you go forward, the more the smell of blood in the air becomes more and more dignified. There was a stream flowing around it, but now even the stream has turned red. It's blood! Long exhaled a foul breath, the keel firmly in the hands, step by step, each step, I feel my heart trembling badly, this time not much time, the front of the cave suddenly came to an end, a huge space appeared in front of me. Book friends who have read "Strange Shop" also like it. _ Chapter 428 Ghost Lifting Mountain This is a space, a huge space. At a glance, it is at least three or four hundred square meters. In the middle of the whole space, there is a huge tripod. The tripod is made of bronze. It looks resplendent from the outside. It is carved with several golden dragons. The golden dragons wrap the whole tripod. I stared at the giant tripod in front of me. What surprised me was not the giant tripod itself, but the smoke coming out of the tripod. Yes, plumes of smoke came out slowly along the tripod, and the air even emitted a burst of hot air. How can there be smoke in this tripod? Seeing this huge smoking tripod,Jumping castle with slide, I was puzzled. Look at the bronze material, it has a history of at least thousands of years. No matter what is burned inside, it should be burned to ashes. How can there be smoke now. joyshineinflatables.com

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