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Sit and wait for the sky to rise_Fog Ten ... Full-time Job

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"Are you worried about my safety, my dear?" Whorf asked expectantly, showing no nervousness of being threatened. He didn't seem to take the killer seriously from beginning to end. Tang Xin looked back and glared at him. She really wanted to negotiate with the killer for his safety, and even offer a higher price to buy the other party. But Waugh spoke her thoughts so clearly that he seemed to have seen that she would come forward and try to save him. She had a very high self-esteem in her heart, and she could not help feeling a little angry when she wanted to be exposed by him. Is she so easy to see through? His confident expression seemed to say that he had been sure that she would be attached to him and reluctant to let him be in danger. Tang Xin suddenly felt angry, partly angry at his attitude, but more angry that he really cared about his life and death! "I want to give him more money so that he can lend me his gun and I can execute you!" She said angrily, telling duplicitous lies. When she saw him shaking his head with a smile, her anger almost burned through her reason. Ah! If I can die at your hands, of course I will die without regret. But, my dear, I have told you that if you were to execute it, I would prefer another way to die. Wolff covered his chest, and his handsome features were full of intoxicated expressions. His eyes were full of drama, even his expression was full of hints,Agate Stone Price, and he did not need to explain in detail to remind her what kind of "death" he wanted to encounter at her hands. It's a little uncomfortable for the killer to be left out in the cold. He snorted coldly and finally regained his attention. But the man and the woman didn't seem to care much about him. They were just busy arguing with each other, which made his self-esteem as a killer a little damaged. I came up the hill to get rid of him before he got something he shouldn't have. The killer put on a fierce expression. But you seem to be a little late. I've eaten and wiped away dinner and dessert. Whorf looked at Tang Xin with a smile on his face and said puns that anyone could understand. I can see that. But it doesn't matter, as long as I kill you, I can still hand over the job. Said the killer, looking distracted at Tang Xin, salivating at Tang Xin's beautiful body. Although he had met many beautiful women,White Marble Mosaic, it was the first time he had seen such a beautiful woman as Tang Xin. He was curious about how beautiful the body under the towel was? "Enjoy some perks before you toil away on your mission!" Wofu said carelessly, then quickly reached out his hand and suddenly pulled the towel off Tang Xin's body. All of a sudden, her beautiful and glittering body was exposed to the eyes of two men. Whorf! Tang Xin exclaimed, hurriedly wanted to cover up. Her face was flushed with embarrassment, and she looked even more beautiful. She hurriedly snatched back the towel, hurriedly covered the leaking spring scenery, and looked up to give Wofu a slap, only to find that he was no longer there. The killer was stunned by the beauty of the moment just now, and his eyes seemed to stick to Tang Xin's body, unable to move away. Just a moment of change, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Agate Slabs Countertops, but let the whole situation reversed! Waugh, who had been lazy, moved in an instant, his muscles tense, and rushed forward at the fastest and deadliest speed to hold the killer's neck firmly. Naked and swarthy, he moved like a wild animal, with a wild look in his shining black eyes, which was frightening and fascinating. When he shoots, the other side has no chance to struggle at all. Damn The killer roared and tried to resist, but he was still strangled as hard as he could. He could not breathe more and more, and he was frightened to find that Woff's strength was amazing. I've tasted all the sweetness, and of course I have to pay a price. Said Wolff with a sneer, a look so dangerous that he didn't even have the courage to touch it, which was totally different from his previous laziness. Killer cold sweat DC, reluctantly a sharp kick, but was easily evaded by Wofu. With only a backhand twist, one of his arms was dislocated by Whorf, the gun had already flown down on the carpet, and the killer, who had been in high spirits a few seconds ago, could only fall pale and groan on the ground. Wolff stepped on the killer's back and shook his head noisily. "Didn't your previous training teach you not to look at anything on a mission? It's dangerous.". It's especially dangerous to see things you shouldn't see. The killer began to tremble, and he finally realized that he had underestimated the enemy. This man was not at all what his employer said, but a cowherd who sold his body; this man's skill was so terrible that he could even subdue a professional killer in the shortest time. Tang Xin held the towel tightly and tightly around his chest, so that Wolff would not have any chance to tear it off again. Her face became bright red with embarrassment and anger, and even her glittering body was tinged with a faint blush, which made her look more beautiful and moving. You pulled my towel! Let this man see my.. Mine She shouted angrily, almost wanting to rush forward and strangle the man with the evil smile on his face. Tang Xin, always use extraordinary means in extraordinary times! You don't want me to be shot by this killer, do you? He shrugged his shoulders innocently and smiled languidly at her anger. She clenched her lips and really wanted to kick him hard, but it was better to kick him in his unconcealed male symbol, like a swagger, and let him roll all over the ground in pain, so as to reduce her anger a little. She had rarely been so angry, and her years of self-control had broken down when she met him. He had a way of scaring her in the most amazing way, and then appeasing her with that evil smile. What's going on? Are you still angry? Waugh sighed and looked down sharply at the killer,white marble mosaic, who was already in a cold sweat and trembling so much that he almost fainted. Let's do this! If you can't get over it and can't stand a man other than me seeing you naked, then in order to defend your honor, I'll gouge out this man's eyes for you! He said with a straight face. forustone.com

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