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Li Liang-New Shushan Swordsman Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 03:23   Independent & Freelance   Masku   104 views Reference: 29
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Fa yuan secretly laughed: "No matter how much you practice inside and outside, you can't help me!" He planned to knock him down, and then used the unique skill of the Seven Ancestors to fight with empty fists and capture him. If he is a disciple of Xiaoyue Zen Master. Needless to say, he should lead the way to see people. Otherwise, wouldn't it be better for such a good aptitude to be taken under the door? Shake one's spirits and deliberately fight back. That Lu Qing repeatedly attacked, naturally anxious, then deliberately sell a flaw, swept up, jumped in midair, Fa yuan saw, stretched out his hand to catch. Lu Qing cheered secretly and suddenly turned over. With one hand, he blocked Fa yuan's right palm. With the other hand, he showed the most powerful "goshawk pecking eye". With a clasp of his index finger, he pecked Fa yuan's left eye. Fa yuan saw that the situation was not good, and it was too late to avoid it. Had no choice but to re-apply the iron plate bridge, straight to the back, is waiting for the jump to shoot flat. But Lu Qing's peck was also an empty move. When he first saw that the enemy was as flat as a bridge, he immediately drank loudly. His hands pushed down the eight palms of the dragon, and his feet kicked the chain feet again. His limbs attacked at the same time. He was as straight as a crazy baboon. Ren Fa yuan was very good at martial arts. How could he have ever seen such a man with long hands, long feet and soft bones. One did not notice, the sound of the trumpet, the chest and abdomen had already suffered three palms and two legs,euro plastic pallet, the pain made him hum, barely rolled back his body, forced back three feet before bouncing up. Seeing the footprints in his lower abdomen and Lu Qing's insufferably proud look, he could not help but arouse the anger of Fa yuan's nameless heart. He immediately shouted at him: "You little herdsman, you really don't know how thick the land is. Your Arhat Master thinks you are young and refuses to hurt you. Instead, you secretly hurt people!"! Tell me your master's name quickly, or you will die without a burial place! With that, his right hand shook, and suddenly he saw a sharp sword jumping into the air,plastic pallet manufacturer, and he was about to kill it. Lu Qing, however, saw that this situation was even worse, and how could he take up the challenge again? Take to one's heels and run like a lost dog. Fa yuan did not want to take his life, but used it to intimidate and kill his madness. Seeing him running away, he ran after him and roared. He was so frightened that Lu Qing had no face to bump into him. Seeing Fa yuan approaching, he was less than six feet. He was about to lose his life. He immediately shouted, "Elder Martial Brother, come quickly!"! I can't! Before he had finished speaking, he saw a ray of purple light shooting out from behind the cliff, intercepting Fa yuan's flying sword. Fa yuan immediately grabbed the sword in his hand, stopped attacking, and stared at the place where the sword was sent. His eyes were sunken, and he was as thin as a firewood. He was wearing a half-grey Zen coat, his hair was loose, drum spill containment ,plastic wheelie bins, and his face was sickly. Fa yuan estimated that the man was Lu Qing's Elder Martial Brother. The man slowly took back the flying sword and said feebly, "What kind of monk are you to come here to make trouble?"? Do you know that the first disciple of Xiaoyue Zen Master was seriously ill with Vimalakirti Zhu Hong? But when Fa yuan heard that the man was a disciple of Master Xiaoyue, he was overjoyed and said, "Even if we are disciples of the Master, we are a family. How can we go to war?"? It's a misunderstanding! He carried the sword away and disappeared. Zhu Hong gazed coldly and said, "What's the name of this master?"? How to know a family teacher? What's the purpose of coming here? "Poor monk Fa yuan," said Fa yuan, "I passed by Jiuhua and heard that your teacher was living here in seclusion. I've come to pay a special visit to him. I'd like to ask the Younger Martial Brother to tell him about it." At this time, Lu Qing was flashing out of the trees on the left side of Zhu Hong. Just as he was about to say that Fa yuan's whereabouts were suspicious, Zhu Hong hurriedly winked and forced him not to open his mouth. Zhu Hong said to Fa yuan, "It's not a good time for you to come. My teacher was here yesterday. Last night, he suddenly called me in front of him, saying that he had a little trouble in the day and had to go to take care of it. This morning, before dawn, he had already left for another place." Fa yuan became suspicious when he saw the two of them flashing and hesitating. He thought that Xiaoyue Zen Master must still be here, but he just didn't want to see him. But since the other party had already refused, how could he force himself to ask again? "Has your teacher ever told me when he will come back?" He asked. "My teacher didn't tell me," said Zhu Hong. "I don't know." Seeing that Zhu Hong had no intention of keeping people in the cave, his expression was even more indifferent. Fa yuan knew that if he stayed, he would only ask for trouble, so he had to drop a sentence: "I'll visit you next time." He slouched down the hill. Zhu Honggang sent his younger brother Lu Qing to pick up the water orange, and the two of them went back to the cave one after the other. Fa yuan went down the mountain and thought about the intentions of the Xiaoyue Zen Master? Should I invite you again? Unconsciously, he returned to the standing snow platform. Suddenly he saw a dark shadow coming from the foot of the mountain. He wanted to dodge, but he felt that the man was tall and thin and looked familiar. When he looked carefully, it turned out to be a thick-lipped flying yaksha Qin Lang who had worshipped under his door. Pretending to look like a master, he quickly wiped his chest with his hands and tried to wipe away the footprints of Lu Qing's kick. The Qin Dynasty had already seen the bald monk, and immediately called his master from a long distance. He rushed to the stage and bowed to him. Fa yuan patted him on the shoulder and asked why he had come to the mountains? Qin Lang then said, "The disciple originally went to the Arrow Furnace to invite Zen Master Xiaoyue, but he had already left. On the way, he sank down to the monk of the Red Sect of the Western Esoteric Sect. It was only then that he realized that the Zen Master lived in seclusion in Zijinlong, Huangshan Mountain.". Later, he went back to Ciyun Temple and met Ma yuan. He heard that there were many accidents in the temple, and the master went out to look for help. The disciple thought that the master must not know that Zen Master Yue lived in seclusion here, so he came to ask him to go down the mountain, but he met the master. How did the master know where the Zen Master lived? "That's what Xu Feiniang said," said Fa yuan. "The fairy is really good," said Qin Lang, "but I don't know if Shifu has got the Zen master." Look at his sleepy face. I'm afraid he's asking too many questions. Fa yuan sighed and said, "I was looking for the land, but I didn't know that his two ghost brothers wouldn't let me see him and said that the master had gone on a trip.". "I think they have ulterior motives. If they don't want to see them, it's useless to go. Let's find someone else." Qin Lang said, "I know that Master Xiaoyue came to Zijinlong from the west. For one thing, he loves the quietness of this place. For another, he heard that a treasure named Broken Jade Hook was found here. It was cast by people in the Warring States Period. It was in the eyes of Taki, so he stayed here so that he could try to get it in his hand. If he didn't get the treasure, he would never go far away." It is better for the disciple to go there again with the master, and first ask the Zen Master Ming if he will also go, and then make a decision. It's not that there are no capable people elsewhere, but there are few people who can subdue the old man who chases the cloud. "With the help of a Zen master, he would be ten times better than others. What would Master think?" When Fa yuan heard this,plastic pallet box, he thought so. "Well," he said, "they've all been rejected. What's the harm in doing it again?" So he led Qin Lang to the original road. cnplasticpallet.com

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