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Letter from the ghost Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 05:27   Banking   Asikkala   69 views Reference: 117
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It's her-the girl who bumped into me in the corridor at midnight last night. Her name is Shui Yue. I almost blurted it out, but I didn't say it after all. I stared at her, and she stared at me. She walked quietly to the table, still in her white dress. Shui Yue, what's wrong with you? Sit down quickly. The little girl greeted her. She nodded and sat next to the two girls. But she did not speak, but buried herself in her breakfast, as if she were deliberately avoiding my eyes. After breakfast, I went back to my room. Ye Xiao, when I looked at the burned laptop, I made a new decision in an instant, that is, to contact you in the oldest way-letters. However, because there is no mail here, so we can only be one-way contact, I write to you every day, in the form of letters, to record everything I saw in the Ghost Inn. As for envelopes and stamps, I still have a lot of them in my bag. I took out the letter paper and pen from my bag and spread them out on the desk. Facing the white paper, I was stunned like a fool for a long time. To tell you the truth,10g Ozone Generator, I haven't written a letter for a long time, and I'm not even good at writing with a pen. The tip of the pen trembled for a long time, and finally fell on the paper and wrote the first line of words-that is your name. Strangely enough, the next thing I knew, I was writing faster and faster. The tip of the pen seemed to be alive, leading my hand to fly on the paper. The words flowed naturally, and I couldn't control them at all. Ye Xiao, do you believe it? It's 10:30 in the morning,cordierite c520, and I've written so many words in just three hours. Looking at these dozen pieces of letter paper, I even wondered if it was really written by myself? Okay, that's the end of the first letter from the Ghost Inn. I shall write to you this time tomorrow morning, if I am still alive. Regards! Your friend at the Ghost Inn. After reading the last word of the letter, Ye Xiao finally took a deep breath. The letter from the Ghost Inn was found when he opened the mailbox in the morning. When Ye Xiao saw the envelope with the revolving handwriting, his hand immediately shook like a conditioned reflex. Ye Xiao's address, name and postcode were written on the top of the envelope, and an octagonal stamp was affixed to the upper right corner. There was also a vague postmark on the stamp, and Ye Xiao vaguely recognized the words "Xileng Town" on the date stamp, which was stamped two days ago. At the bottom of the envelope was the address of the sender- "Ghost Inn in Xileng Town, Zhejiang Province". Ye Xiao felt that there was something else in the envelope-it was a photo, Zhou Xuan said in the letter, and he took a photo of a one-time image and attached it to the letter. The picture was taken at dusk, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Kamado bbq grill, and the whole picture has a dark and melancholy tone. At the far end of the photo, a black house stands alone, unable to see the specific details, only a rough outline, Ye Xiao knows that this is the Ghost Inn. He looked at the picture for several minutes, but he could not see the windows and doors of the inn, which seemed to be all blurred and trembling in the gloomy evening wind and rain. Ghost Letter Second Letter Ye Xiao: Hello. How did the last letter feel? I can guess your face right now. Don't worry about me. I'm still alive. Yesterday morning, after writing the first letter to you, I opened the envelope and put a stamp on it. Then I took my little carry-on bag with the letter for you and the imaging camera. I saw Ding Yushan again on the ground floor. He sat at the counter and said, "Mr. Zhou, it's almost noon. Are you here to check out?" After a sudden pause, he said slowly, "I bet you won't." I sighed, "You're right, boss Ding. I'll stay for another three days." "Thank you." He counted the money and said, "Where are you going?"? Let's have lunch first. At this point, I did feel a little hungry, so I sat down at the table. I heard the sound of someone coming downstairs and saw the mother and son at the top of the stairs last night. The mother in her thirties was not surprised to see me, but nodded slightly and pulled her son to sit opposite me. Now she looks like a standard gentle mother, taking good care of her son, which is quite different from last night. And her son was much quieter, but his face was bloodless. I finally said, "I'm sorry to disturb your rest last night." "No, it was my quarrel with my son that disturbed you." Her voice was gentle and polite. "You can call me Qingfen. My son's name is Xiaolong." I took a look at the young man named Xiaolong, but he lowered his head and said nothing, and suddenly coughed a few times. Qingfen patted her son on the back and asked Zhou Xuan, "Mr. Zhou, do you still live here today?" "Yes, and maybe a few more days." Chang came up with the meal. These dishes are all seafood, which is just to my taste. After lunch, I pushed open the door of the Ghost Inn. Finally back under the sky, I greedily breathed the air and ran forward. Along yesterday's road, I walked up a high hill. It's a great place to look around, with a winding coastline to the east, many cliffs and reefs on the sea, and then the wasteland where the Ghost Inn is located. On the other three sides of the wilderness, there are many continuous mountains, which form a geographically isolated and independent unit. These mountains are connected with the green peaks farther away, forming the hilly terrain of the eastern coast of Zhejiang Province. Perhaps because of the erosion of the strong sea breeze for a long time, on the side facing the sea, the mountains are all bare, with black rocks exposed everywhere. On this desolate coast, it seems that it is still in the prehistoric era before the birth of human beings, only the ghost inn stands alone,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, as if it were a relic of ancient civilization. Leaving here, I walked quickly down the hillside. Ten minutes later, we arrived at the deserted village. The green mailbox stood on the side of the road at the entrance of the village. I took the letter addressed to you out of my bag and put it in the mailbox. global-ceramics.com

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Smiling, Dada hugged Laohei's neck and said, "Yes, yes, I am fragrant and you are smelly.". Then you still talk about outside all day, and then let me know, I will destroy you! Hee hee, no, like a puppy. Smell what? Oh, no, you're still not human. Ah Easy, no.. Work so hard. "" It turned out that the old black dragon slid in again along the damp under Dada. A long time later. The second round is over. There was a knock at the door. Laohei patted Dada's buttocks and said, "Baby, go to the bathroom and take a bath by the way.". I'll go and see. Dada quickly slipped to the bathroom. "Who is it?" Cried Laohei at the door. "Hei Dong, someone is looking for you below. My younger brother won't let him in. He sits on the ground crying and says that if you don't see him, he won't leave. The old lady asks you to go and have a look. Don't make the neighbors laugh." It turned out to be the nanny. It's true that people live for a long time, and everything will happen. I see. Take him to the garden pavilion. I'll go down and have a look later. When Dada saw Laohei come in, he asked, "Who is it?" Laohei took off his clothes and said,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "I don't know. Someone is making trouble below and insists on seeing me. You can go down with me later." Two people take a bath to go downstairs, the younger brother has taken the person to the pavilion, the fourth brother got the news at home, also came over. Laohei and Dada don't know each other. What's wrong with this man? Bearer sees old black: "You are black Dong.". It is really a last resort to take the liberty of visiting today. Laohei and Dada looked at each other. Well, this man is very literary. Laosi frowns that pair of thick eyebrows: "Do not give me here hypocritically, you make trouble like this, calculate what thing?!"! Everyone is like you,Ceramic Band Heater, you can do whatever you want, and there are no rules! When the neighbors saw it, they thought we had done something to you. The man lowered his head and murmured, "I'm sorry, but I can't help it.". I can only come to Black Dong. Laohei sat down, took the tea from the nanny and handed it to Dada: "Wife, drink some water first.". Is it Long Lishui? The nanny nodded. The fourth brother quickly took a cup and offered it to Laohei with both hands: "Boss, drink water." The old black spot took the problem, took it and drank it down. Old four took the cup, the nanny hurriedly took over, old four stood behind the old black, the old man has been frightened by this situation. Old Black says to babysitter: "Why to give a guest to serve tea?"? Come, since I see you, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin element, you are my guest. Sit down and talk. The bearer did not dare to sit down, nor did he dare to take the tea. He waved his hand desperately: "No, no, I can stand and talk." Laosi says impatiently: "Let you sit you sit, call you to drink tea you drink tea.". What are you talking about? Then the old man sat down. Dada saw that the man was very nervous, his face kept sweating, and even the sweat flowed down so exaggeratedly. Dada smiled and said to the nanny, "Get him a towel." The nanny promised to go. Sir, you don't have to be nervous. Since my husband is willing to see you, you can start talking about anything now. I promise he won't eat people. Relax. The nanny handed him a snow-white ice towel, and the man did not care much. He picked up the towel and wiped it like this. The texture of the towel was very good and soft. Although the towel was ice, it did not have that rough feeling. The man calmed down a lot, and when he saw Dada's kind smile, he felt a little more secure. Do you have anything to do with me today? Said Lao Hei. I. I "Don't be nervous and speak slowly." The fourth brother rolled his eyes in the back. Where was the momentum just now? My name is Cai Youcai, and I am a chemistry teacher at Hucheng No.13 Middle School. My wife is an employee of your group named Lin Wan. Cai Youcai wiped his face again: "I'm sorry, I.". I'm too nervous. Dada smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Take your time." My wife, like me, was also a teacher. We used to work in the same school. Later, she was admitted to Hengda Group. At first, it was fine, but then he changed slowly. I didn't care about the child, and I didn't go home all day. I asked her a few words, and she said she wanted to divorce me. Soon I learned that she was in love with one of your managers, named Bu Hao. I don't think I can go on with this life. Let's get divorced. Originally, we agreed that the house would be given to whoever the child wanted to be with. The child was willing to divorce with me, and she moved away without saying anything. But a few days later, she went back on her word again. She brought Bu Hao and several people from the society back to make trouble with me. She also said that I would give her half of the money for the house. She also beat me, and the child was scared to cry. Today, they made trouble again, saying that if I didn't give money, he would offend Hengda Group. I was about to be destroyed, and I really had no way to come to the leader to solve the problem. Dada knows that what Cai Youcai said is true. It's really useless to be a scholar. Dada opened his mouth and said, "Mr. Cai, it's not appropriate for my husband to take care of this matter. I'll take care of it for you. Next time, they will come to you and you can call me.". Your house is on the 13 bus. Cai Youcai glanced at Dada and said, "I know you. Your name is Dada.". In the past, when Lin Wan first came to work in Hengda, he often talked about you when he came back. Thank you. I don't know how to thank you. "Where is the child?" Asked Dada. Cai Youcai began to wipe his sweat again: "When I first came here, I sent the child to my grandmother's house. The child was frightened again. My son is only 6 years old. Is this her own?" Cai Youcai couldn't help crying. Old black drinks him: "Do not cry, a big man, cry what to cry.". Can crying solve the problem?! Cai Youcai was too scared to cry. "Don't get too excited," Dada said. "I've said I'll take care of you. You go back first. This is my phone number. You can call me at any time. But you don't say anything to them,steatite c221, and you don't say you saw me today. I'd like to see who said that to offend him is to offend the Hengda Group? Dada said to the fourth brother, "Fourth brother, please call a car and send him back. Don't embarrass him." global-ceramics.com